Digital Signage

Digital Signage

We provide complete digital signage solutions to depending on your needs, as we pioneer the market with providing integration solutions for corporates providing maximum usability for the commercial grade digital screens.

We provide also our unique service level agreement, insuring that the screens along with the content and the system are working fluently and the capability of content management.

Digital signage screens promote your brand and gets customized in your own way, they are considered as your own channel for the trafficking customers.


  • Consultancy for digital signage solution and provide the best fit solution for your corporate
  • Installation for both, the hardware and the software
  • Integration solutions according to the client's case to provide the easiest and fastest solution with controllability

digital signage

Interactive Screens

A Digital Signage Screen have more capability than just display messages, with ATI team experience with Digital Signage and Software Capability we can provide an interactive solution that can interact with your customer in the easiest and fastest form.

We integrated all our skills in hardware and software to provide you the complete solution without the need to contact third party to provide separate applications to run on the screens. If you want to run your own application, we are surely welcome to help you doing that.


The interactive screen can serve as a receptionist for your corporate, providing you with all the needed information and directions to the client. With some creativity it can be used anywhere!

  • Retail stores to provide information on the products
  • Hotels to provide data and reservations
  • Restaurants for menu and reservations
  • Malls to provide directions to the shoppers and facilitate their visit
  • Malls to provide directions to the shoppers and facilitate their visit Along with the information provided you can advertise your products and all in the same platform.
  • The interactive screen can also serve as an interactive writing and drawing board for your class room or meeting rooms, having the capability to write, display content (Video/images) and presentations.

LED Screens

We provide turnkey LED screen solutions. From scratch we are capable of building the steel structure along with the screen up to powering up and our after-sales service that covers the screen maintenance and spare parts and configuration.


  • High brightness, the sun won't affect its visibility.
  • Outdoor and Indoor capability.
  • Durability against Rain/Dust (High IP Ratings)
  • Custom sizes and resolutions for far/near view
  • High viewing angle to impact a high number of traffic
  • Different mounting techniques
  • Integration with third party like fire alarm – access control & intruders
  • Different material (Steel, Aluminum, etc..)
  • Curved/ Non-Curved
  • Transparent/ Mesh/ Regular